As well as the novel, Carole’s writing interests include poetry; creative nonfiction—including the personal essay and memoir; the short story; the picture book; and reviewing. That said, she has a broad knowledge of a range of writing genres which she enjoys working across in her writing classes. She is available for workshops, individual tuition, copywriting and editing.


Carole is well published in magazines, anthologies and journals. Check out some of her recent work with links to poems, articles and her children’s book reviews.


Carole brings a wealth of experience to her teaching role, melding her formal knowledge of the craft of writing with her unique ability to create a safe, inviting learning space that encourages creativity and personal growth. 


As well as running her own children’s book review blog, Carole has been a regular reviewer for Magpies. Let Carole know if you would like your book reviewed!


Carole is a skilled photographer—you can check out her gallery. The power of story can be evidenced in her ever-growing collections of images.


Carole has always had a deep interest in the power of story to effect inner transformation. It drives her own creative writing practice and teaching. Why not book Carole for a workshop?

Editing & Copywriting

Whether you’re looking to tidy up your website copy, proofread an academic essay, shape your scribblings into a family history, Carole has an eye for detail and feel for a well-hinged sentence.

Carole’s Workshops

Carole is an accomplished presenter with many years of experience working with audiences of all sizes. From the intimacy of a one-day personalised memoir workshop, to speaking to an auditorium of school students, Carole engages her listeners and maintains their attention in an educative and entertaining manner that is always safe and supportive.

Contact Carole if you would like to book her for a general creative writing workshop or a specialised writing workshop on a topic of your choice (poetry, memoir, family history, short story, the personal essay, writing for children, script-writing—and more). Or book Carole for a school visit to speak about her novels or to work with students on their creative writing skills.

Carole’s keen interest in the transformative power of story has led her on a fascinating journey into the connection between the self and the alchemy of the poem and the process of writing in general. Book Carole for a workshop on the life-changing power of writing to build agency and self-awareness.

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I have really enjoyed Carole's writing classes. Carole is a positive and encouraging teacher who has an amazing knowledge of a wide variety of literature and of the craft of writing. I felt immediately welcome in Carole's classes and I know she has helped to improve my creative writing.


Carole is the most encouraging of teachers and she always creates a friendly, relaxed class atmosphere. She has the knowledge and expertise to meet writers at whatever stage they are at and is adept at revealing avenues for further development. I have always found her classes to be an absolute joy and inspiration.


I have been enjoying Carole’s classes for four years now. Her teaching style is relaxed and encouraging, and I always look forward to our sessions. I have been exposed to so many examples of good writing in different genres and styles that my world has opened up, allowing me to appreciate a wider range of literature. During class, we are encouraged to share our writing and I have received valuable feedback in a supportive and non-critical way. We are challenged to experiment and be bold, but always in a friendly, good-humoured way. As a published writer Carole understands the trials of novice writers and provides us with the confidence to continue. Many thanks, Carole.


I have found Carole's classes inspiring. I find her method of teaching very clear and organised. She is inclusive of all students and their needs.


The writing class at my local community house is an ongoing source of education and inspiration for me since I first joined several years ago. Carole, a published poet and author, guided me through my first awkward lessons and helped me gain confidence in my enthusiastic but unpolished first efforts at writing. My fellow classmates offered me a warm welcome and have continued to provide support through to the present day. Each class member works on their own project, but we read each other’s work in order to offer positive feedback. Today I find myself part of a small group of dedicated writers who have achieved a modicum of success in short story and poetry competitions throughout the country. Several class members have had their work published in magazines and anthologies. Writing is a solitary occupation, but I feel the support and friendship offered in the Professional and Creative Writing Class at the North Ringwood Community House is essential to the success of any aspiring writer.


Carole Poustie has been my writing tutor at North Ringwood Community House for almost four years. During that time, I’ve found her teaching of the highest standard. I’ve continued to learn about every aspect of creative writing; from poetry, writing children’s stories, grammar, editing, spelling, the basics of formatting work for publishing and much more.

Carole has a pleasant and happy disposition. She teaches every student by taking into account their previous experience or abilities. Every student is accepted into a sometimes diverse mix of personalities. Carole works to a professional standard according to her well-trained and accredited qualifications. I have personally benefited from her tutoring and her gentle encouragement. I recommend Carole Poustie with the highest possible kudos.


As a retired senior, I cautiously made the decision to enrol in a writing class at our local community house. At the time my intention was to attend for a term or so. Many years later, the Monday morning course was something that I looked forward to every week. The classes were held together by published author, Carole Poustie, who catered for the writing needs of a varied group of students. She made sure that there was a balance between those who could be quite tentative and some members who were very experienced. Everyone in those classes was made to feel special and that their work was of great importance. Carole was always very organised and ran the class in a motivating and friendly way. She constantly presented new and interesting topics to discuss or write about – often inspiring further research on the subject.

I’m very grateful for the time I spent in Carole’s class, as she gently pushed me along!