Dog Gone


I darted into the cemetery and hid behind a tombstone. I hunched myself up, balancing on the balls of my feet, and peered desperately into the night, listening for whoever was out there to make another sound. It was freezing – I had trouble keeping my jaw clamped shut so my teeth didn’t chatter.”

Ish’s dog is gone. Vanished in a country town. Mum’s on holiday, Dad’s in Sydney. Ish and his bossy sister Molly are staying with Gran. There are no clues. Only something mysterious in the town’s graveyard. Then a bully from the local school starts to blackmail Ish. Can things get any worse?

“Written with charm and humour, this is a story full of incident and emotion about a missing dog, a ghost and a family at crossroads – but most of all about the wondrously healing power of poetry in the life of a child.’ — Ursula Dubosarsky”

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