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If you’re looking to join a creative writing community and learn some new skills along the way, several workshops are coming up in the next few weeks. If you live within cooee of Ocean Grove or Queenscliff check out the posters below. Or if you live elsewhere, I’ll be offering Zoom classes on a Tuesday evening via North Ringwood Community House. Click here and scroll down for more details and to enrol.

These sessions are always super friendly and fun. You’ll be supported to keep working on any writing projects you’ve got in the pipeline and encouraged to try something new. Plenty of opportunity to hone your skills and learn new aspects of the craft of writing. In the company of like-minded people who love writing.

So if you’re interested in life writing—memoir, autobiography, biography, reviewing, profiles, family history, personal narrative and essays—or poetry, short story, novel, writing for children, scriptwriting—or anything else—come along and join us!

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